Common Guidelines  



 A. Requirements as per the University Regulations: Only those candidates who have successfully completed Class XII are eligible to seek admission to graduate programmes. Students who have to appear in Supplementary Examination in order to pass Class XII are not eligible to seek admission unless permitted by the M. P. Government and the University. Those who have already been enrolled in the university as members of another college must submit the Enrollment Form.


B. Reservation: In the matter of Reservation of Seats, SPIPS follows the provisions contained in the Constitution of India, the decisions of the Supreme Court of India and M. P. Government Rules as applicable to educational institutions.

C.   Refunds:

1. Once a candidate is granted admission and deposits the Fee in full or part, but subsequently does not join the Course or discontinues the Course at any time during the year/semester due to any reason whatsoever, his/her Fee will not be refunded. 


2.  Caution Money deposited at the time of admission will be refundable on submission of Original Receipt with completed No-Dues-Form, when the student passes out/leaves the Institute, after making required deductions for damages/losses, if any. 


3.  In normal circumstances, College Leaving Certificate (C.L.C.) will be issued to a student only after the completion of the course in which he/she is admitted and after clearing all dues towards the Institute. Any request for issue of C.L.C. before the completion of the course will be entertained only if the candidate provides reasons to the satisfaction of the Institute authorities and supported by a written consent of the parents. In case the issue of C.L.C. is sanctioned, the concerned student will be required to pay the balance fee and dues for the whole Academic Year. The student should produce all the original documents and receipts as required by the Institute.


D. Attendance: All the graduate courses require high level of commitment and hard work from the part of the students. Full attendance is expcted from the students. As per the University rule, 75% attendance is compulsory. Those who do not fulfill this requirement may be debarred from appearing in the University Examination and may be restricted from participation in University level and co-curricular activities.


E. Discipline and Code of Conduct: SPIPS believes in self discipline. Students are required to strictly observe the Code of Conduct prescribed by D.A.V.V. and SPIPS from time to time. Violation of the instructions will invite strict disciplinary action.


F. Uniform: All students are expected to wear the complete uniform prescribed by the college authorities, the details of which can be obtained from the college office. Entry into the college campus is open only for those students who come wearing the complete prescribed college uniform.


G. Identity Card: Every Student enrolled in SPIPS will be provided with an Identity Card of the Institute. All are expected to wear the ID Card always in the campus. Entry to the college campus, classrooms, library etc., will be denied to those who do not wear/produce the ID Card.


H. Ragging or any kind of harassment among the students is strictly prohibited. As per the government regulations, any student found indulging in RAGGING or harassing a fellow student is liable for criminal prosecution and expulsion from the college.


I. In line with the Government, Department of Higher Education, Bhopal and Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore, the use of Mobile Phone in the Campus is strictly prohibited. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against those who are found using Mobile in the class room or the college premises.


J. SPIPS is a ‘Substance Abuse Free’ Zone. Anyone in possession and / or under the influence of intoxicants like tobacco, alcohol, drugs or any other substance, in the college premises will invite severe disciplinary action, and , if needed, criminal prosecutions as well.


K. Communication: The normal modes of communication to the students are; Announcements at the Assembly, display on the Notice Boards and the Announcements in the Class Rooms. The students are requested to look up the College website for information updates from time to time. Use of any other mode like ‘sms’ or phone calls are additional facilities which may be used only in case of emergency.