Facilities at SPIPS

1. College Building and Classrooms: The Building of our College, consisting of four floors is aesthetically designed and well maintained. 40 class rooms in the College are well-furnished, CCTV monitored, spacious and with good provision for natural air and light.

2. Library with e-library facility: We have a very well furnished; state-of-the-art double storied and enriched Library with a large number of Textbooks and Reference books of various National and International Publications, Motivational Books, Novels, Classics, General Knowledge Books, Encyclopedias, Study Material for Competitive Exams, Religious Literature, Leading Newspapers and Magazines and ISSN Coded Journals etc.

3. Prayer Room: The beautifully designed Prayer Room in the Campus reminds everyone of God. It invites everyone to feel the presence of God and to experience serenity and joy.

4. Computer Labs with internet facility: SPIPS has two fully equipped and well-furnished computer labs with 110 PCs and 4 mbps leased line Internet facility. All the systems are of the latest configuration and with Microsoft Genuine Licensed software.

5. Physics Lab: SPIPS possesses a well-equipped Physics Laboratory with 95 latest instruments which are specified for the students to understand the practical knowledge of the subject.

6. Psychology Lab: SPIPS has a well-equipped Psychology Lab with the most modern charts and instruments for conducting psychological tests and experiments. This helps the students to have a hand on experience and learning.

7. Language Lab: We have a fully equipped language lab consisting of 15 personal computers with Genuine Licensed Software along with audio visual facility and integrated Digital Board to enhance the vocabulary, phonetics, English speaking and communication skills of the students.

8. Smart Class Facility: In order to make the lectures more interesting and interactive and also to improve the presentation skills of the students, the college owns smart boards and audio visual facility at a number of venues.

9. Auditorium: We have an Auditorium with all the modern facilities providing a platform to the students to showcase their talents and also to celebrate various events, festivals, important days and Special programmes.

10. Seminar Hall, Luminous Hall and Audio Visual Room: These fully air-conditioned and well-designed venues offer audio visual facilities. Numerous intellectual programmes benefitting the students are organized at these venues.

11. Faculty Chambers: We have five faculty chambers. After the lecture hours the students are welcome to meet the professors in their respective cabins and discuss the academic, co-curricular and personal matters.

12. Common Room for Girls: The College has provided the common room facility for girls to facilitate group discussions and other group activities after the completion of lectures.

13. CCTV Cameras: To provide a very safe, secure and protected environment, 94 Close Circuit Cameras have been fixed at different locations in the College. The classrooms are also CCTV monitored.

14. Parking Area: The College provides a very spacious parking area in the Basement. Separate areas are allotted there for the staff and the students.

15. Canteen: The canteen at SPIPS provides nutritious and tasty refreshments in a clean and hygienic atmosphere.

16. Infirmary and First Aid Facilities: The good health of our students is of paramount importance to us. We have an infirmary along with First Aid facility.

17. Drinking Water Facility: An Industrial Water Purifier and Cooling System installed in our College provide safe and potable water.

18. Sports Room, Badminton Arena & Playground: The SPIPS campus has ample provision for various outdoor and indoor sports and games. SPIPS gives much importance to sports and games activities, coaches and motivates the students to regularly participate in the various intercollegiate and university level competitions.