Background: The Catholic Diocese of Indore has had a meritorious history for decades of imparting quality education at school level.  Over the years, there had been requests from various quarters that the Diocese should extend its services in the field of Higher Education as well.  The long cherished dream has now materialized in the form of St. Paul Institute of Professional Studies (SPIPS), since July 26, 2010.

Location: SPIPS is centrally located in the Residency Area of the city of Indore. It is situated close to the well-known St. Paul Higher Secondary School (also run by the Diocese of Indore), which is located between Lalaram Nagar and the Government Agriculture College.  SPIPS stands at a distance of about a kilometer from both GPO and M.Y. Hospital, Indore.

Present Status: SPIPS is a Self-financed Christian Minority Institute, approved as such by the Government of India. It is owned and managed by the Catholic Diocese of Indore. It is approved by the Department of Higher Education, M.P., and is affiliated to the Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore. It is a 'Day College', where admissions are open to both boys and girls. The medium of instruction here is English. Presently, it offers Under Graduate & Post Graduate Courses. 

Unique Features:  Along with academic excellence, SPIPS wishes to uphold and impart moral and spiritual values to its students. The integral development of personality of the students is the prime objective of the Institute which it hopes to achieve through effective teaching and various co-curricular as well as extra-curricular activities.  SPIPS aims at promoting national integration by bringing together students belonging to different linguistic, religious and ethnic backgrounds. SPIPS attaches great value to nurturing the potentialities of its students and to enhancing their employability. 

Coat of Arms: The coat of arms represents the professional, moral and spiritual values St. Paul Institute of Professional Studies (SPIPS), Indore stands for. The Institute is named after the great Christian Scholar and Missionary, St. Paul, who firmly believed in the power of the Word and wisdom to enlighten and unify the whole humanity. Our motto, 'Let your Light Shine', stands at the crest. We believe that deep within every human person there is a ray of the 'Great Light', waiting to break forth in all its radiance when provided with a conductive ambience. SPIPS is committed to providing an environment which will enable the students to carefully nurture their skills and talents, so that their capabilities shine forth in all its splendor, leading to the maximum realization of each one's true potential. In this endeavor, we shall be inspired and guided by the wisdom and values enshrined in the Holy Bible, which the 'Open Book' represents. The 'Flame' emanating from the 'Book' and the rays around the flame indicate that all that SPIPS is and stands for shall be permeated and enlightened by the teachings of Jesus as inscribed in the Holy Bible. The 'Graduate' on the left, with hands extended, depicts the dream of every student joining SPIPS, to successfully complete his/her studies and announce his/her arrival to be a leader in the corporate and professional world which is symbolized by the 'Edifices' on the right. The 'Cross' at the center, connecting the 'Graduate' and the 'Corporate World', is significant as it epitomizes noble values like, Commitment, Love, Sacrifice and Victory. SPIPS dreams of creating professionals who will venture into the world and be witnesses to the above values, consider their profession as a mission, carry out their duties and responsibilities with commitment and love, be ready to sacrifice whatever it takes to transform the world and work with the conviction that victory shall be theirs. 


Emblem: The emblem of the institute represents the acronym of our college. 

                 St. Paul Institute of Professional Studied. It is a palindrome as well. 

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