S t u d e n t s  R e v i e w s 


SPIPS has proven its excellence on myriad fronts and will continue to do so. In order to provide access to the particulars about the institution, we are having a phenomenal website which has been designed by the hard working team of the institution. The site shows our way of study and our thoughts, our unity. In a nutshell it is the best source to know about all things one is looking for.

Eventually to have your light shine …..Visit this source of light.

Roshni Dipke - BBA 2nd Sem

Our College websites acts efficiently as standardized evaluation and baseline assessment tools for prospective students to measure their parameters in order to choose the college information that suits them the best.

Aayush Madhuraj - BBA 2nd Sem

The website is successful enough to full fill the criteria of responsive compatibility which other websites usually fail to full fill. Website content is updated regularly. The website has well planned information architecture and well formatted content that is easy to scan.

Akshita Agrawal - BBA 2nd Sem

SPIPS website takes you to its default impersonal homepage which is designed with high definition visuals, lots of features and extremely simple navigation. The website has witnessed more than 8000 views in just 20 days, since it was refurbished and relaunched on 28th May 2018.

Amandeep Singh - BBA 2nd Sem

Our College website can be quite enthralling to those who visit it for the first time. It encompasses about the management, events, admission, news, facilities which captivate the parents.

Bhavya Saraf - B.com (CA) 2nd Year

Our college website include many pictures of our college students to help others to know the environment of SPIPS. the website helps in knowing the events conducting on SPIPS.

Kanha goyal - BBA 2nd Sem

The news and event section is also available in which we can see that what is going on in our college in which we can see our gallery photo, and all month schedule which is very-very helpful.

Manish Vishwakarma - BBA 2nd Sem

The most significant feature of the site is 'The student’s Corner'. This corner is exclusively for the students of our institution for sharing their views regarding the various aspects of SPIPS. 

Palak Agarwal - BBA 2nd Sem

The fascinating thing about it is that it is full of multimedia content which makes it more interesting for the viewer. It also contains the banner on it's front page which shows most important or we can say trending things about the college and a lot more.

Sahil Gathiya - BBA 2nd Sem

 Original and fresh Content: “Content is King".  Our website delivers the content which immediate the sense of professionalism and a medium to convey and has relevant and vital piece of information which indeed increases its usability. Content is the basis and our website holds a significance role for providing details regarding management, Departments, admissions, facilities, news and events. 

Nivya Rathore - BBA 2nd Sem

Simple and Professional Design: Our website is quite enthralling for those who visit it first time and the credit goes to the impressive color combination. Blue color denotes the professionalism. Visitors are highly impressed with the appearance and design, layout and color which further ads to their interest.

Gargi Goyal - BCA 2nd SEM

This website attract and inform current and prospective students and their professors. It's the virtual front door of the campus. It has to be user-friendly, convey value to different personas, and guide visitors to other parts of the site. Ohh, and it should also be visually pleasing.

Naziya Khan - BCA 2nd Sem


Simplicity: our college website has kept it simple and allow for adequate white space. Layouts allow viewers to focus on message. Our website act as a strong pillar for creating awareness about the college.

Sakina zenith - B.A. 2nd Year


User Friendly Navigation: Our website has a standard site navigation which is similar to GPS that helps to discover and to get the relevant content out of website. Search box act as medium through which students can manifest themselves for what they are looking for. Our navigation consistent from page to page to avoid any possible confusion. Visitors will easily get the details.

Shivansh Malviya - B.Sc. 2nd Year

SPIPS website enumerates lots of images, with their background photos being muted while their featured content (in the example below, stories about student research) are large and vivid. When we visited SPIPS website for the first time, we were taken away by the meritorious work on homepage image -- which, along with being visually pleasant to have a glimpse at, also gave us a great idea of the institute’s rich culture and values.

Vinit Batham - B.Sc. 2nd Year

Our college website www.spipsindore.ac.in provides access to all the necessary   information for the students as well as others who wish to know the whereabouts of the institution. The website presents a glimpse at all the Events and celebrations held in college. All the images, and information are uploaded which showcases the real environment of the college.  

 Priyanka Patidar - BBA 2nd SEM

Our college website comprises with high quality photography increases its visual appeal. Photos creates massive benefits for the viewers or visitors. Photos defines a lot about the college and our website has depicted various areas which relates to facilities provided by college. The website is highly reliable to gain information about courses, events, programs, facilities and infrastructure of our college.  

Khadija Jawadwala - BCA 2nd SEM